Teichmann Crystal Test

By @forensicfield

What is Teichmann Crystal Test?

Dr. Ludwig Karl Teichman discovered a test for detection of blood in 1853. later the test name as Teichmann Crystal Test.

It’s Uses In Forensics

It’s a Confirmatory test for blood.

It is also known as Haematin crystal acid test or haemin test.

It is used in detection of blood from dried stains.

Basis Of The Test

In Teichmann Test hemoglobin converted to haemin crystals which converted to salt in presence of halogen after then rhombic crystals forms.

Indication for the Presence of Blood

It produced Dark brown Color and rhombic shape if blood is present.

How To Perform This Test ?


Rust and Exposure or combination of these can interfere with the test.

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